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How to transfer data from the App to my PC?

With the SiDiary-App (for iPhone/Android) you can track your diabetes data mobile.
To integrate these values quick and easily into your PC version of SiDiary please use the following way:

  1. Create an account at SiDiary Online (if you does not have one yet)
  2. Enter your account data from SiDiary Online in the App at 'More/Setup - Settings - Synchronisation'
  3. Select the time range you want to synchronize in the app at 'Sync', then click 'Sync now'.
  4. Start your PC version and click in the menu 'Extras - SmartSync Settings'
  5. Select 'SiDiary-Online-Server' in the box 'devices' and activate the checkbox 'Synchronize with this device'
  6. Enter your account data from SiDiary Online (with a click at 'Details' you can setup more details on how to sync)

A click at the button with the blue arrows starts the sync immediately then. After the sync is done you will have the data from your app in your PC version available too.

This way also works in the other direction: so if you import data from your BG meter or pumpe and sync with SiDiary Online you will have these data there then. A following sync with the app will transfer these data to the App too.

More informations (with pictures) can be found here:
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