Medtronic CareLink Personal/Professional (En)

If you are a Medtronic insulin pump user, you may be interested in this:
You can read this pump with the software CareLink Personal or CareLink Professional (this version is only issued to HealthCare Professionals). There you can export the data into a file and import this transfer file into SiDiary.

With CareLink these pumps/CGM systems can be read out:

Insulin pumps

  • MiniMed 640G System
  • MiniMed 670G System
  • MiniMed 770G System
  • MiniMed 780G System
  • MiniMed Paradigm® 515/715, 522/722, 554/754 Systeme
  • MiniMed Paradigm® Veo 554/754 Systeme
  • MiniMed® Paradigm REAL-Time Revel System

CGM Systems

  • Guardian® REAL-Time System
  • Guardian® Connect System
  • Guardian® Sensor 3
  • Guardian® Sensor 4
This means that you can transfer the data from all these devices into your logbook and then merge them with your own data or the data from other devices into a complete logbook.

The picture shows the data transfer from Medtronic CareLink

Transferring data from Medtronic CareLink to your diabetes logbook

The SiDiary import driver takes nearly all available data from this software and enters them into SiDiary.

Another possibility to transfer the data is with the webapp 'Tidepool Online'. Here you can also read out your pump and then export the data to an Excel file.

Caution: Pumps of the 7 series (770G/780G) can NOT be read out with Tidepool!

The image shows the data transfer from the export file of the "Tidepool Online" web app for the MiniMed 640G/670G.

Data transfer from the MiniMed 640G/670G (Tidepool) to the diabetes logbook

This link will take you directly to the pages of CareLink Personal.

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