2016-05-19: SiDiary 6.1 available

SiDiary 6.1 is now available for all users as a free update!
With this new version we have not only introduced a new, brighter layout, but also a significant improvement of touch operations on tablet PCs with Windows operating system.

Another cool feature is the integration of CGMS- and Libre data. You can now select in the detail logbook, whether you like to see the blood glucose levels as a table like in the previous version or the curve with the CGMS- or Libre data for that day. This makes it much easier to complete the logbook and add useful details for your diabetes team.
(Of course, you can print your data also included with this new graph)

Another highlight for users of Freestyle Libre from Abbott: the data can be read with version 6.1 directly from the Libre reader into SiDiary, so that it is no longer necessary to export them first from the Libre software.

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