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Brent Levionson from US SiDiary for Windows Smartphone - In order to install an "unsigned application" on the Motorola Q phone two registry settings need to be changed as follows. Note, it is possible that this change is specific to my provider Verizon Wireless: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies
Changed the DWORD named "1001" from 2 to 1
Changed the DWORD named "1005" from 16 to 40

I do not know if my original values are applicable to others, but changing "1001" -> 1 and "1005" -> 40 is the key.

I got this information via an Internet forum and a posting from Verizon Wireless tech support. Verizon Wireless is my cell provider.

- In order to perform the registry edits I installed the trial of Resco Explorer 2005 (www.resco.net). This product comes with a Windows Mobile registry editor.

- With this in place, I believe I had to turn the phone off and on, in order to load the new security policy. I am not certain of this.

- I then ran your mobile phone installer "Install SiDiary on mobile devices" and selected "Smart Phone with Windows operating system".

- In order to enable the English language I followed your steps, however, I did have to turn the phone off and on after copying SiDiaryEN.txt to the phone. It appears that after running SiDiary on the phone, the application state is saved in memory and the drop down would not populate with English. I believe this to be the case as every time I ran SiDiary it would launch into the last component of the application that I had open and position the cursor on the same edit field.
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