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Translate SiDiary into your language

You know it: It's much easier to use a software which has an interface in your own language.
For this reason SiDiary has an inbuilt tool to translate SiDiary in your language (or to enhance the given translation of your language).

To open this tool just choose an other language than German (in the menu 'Extras ->Settings ->Language-Settings') and then click the language button in the status bar:

Language Button

The tool will appear like this:

Translation tool

If you click on 'Settings' you can adjust what you want to do:

  • In which way the untranslated messages should appear
  • If you wish to share your translation with other SiDiary users
  • If you wish to add a new language
Translation settings

To add a new language - which is not already included in SiDiary - is pretty simple:

  • Enter the name of the language (in your language spelling)
  • Enter a two digits code (Like 'EN' for English or 'ES' for Spanish)
  • Enter your name (because we wish to thank all our translators on our homepage

After this you can close the settings dialogue and start with the translation.

Translation window

In this case we have added a new language and named it 'Fantasia'. We have chosen the appearance style 'EN/FA', so the English text appears in a separate window and right from it a short description, where to find these message in SiDiary. In the window below you can enter the translation

The arrow marks a small helper: with this kind of progress bar you can see how the translation would fit with the given space for a text. For example: a button has a given space, so you can't enter a text with unlimited length on it. The bar will show you how many space you can use for the translation. It should not be filled with 100%. You can check the result of your translation in the program of course, because all translations will appear in the program when you saved your work.

Sometimes phrases have special signs like '&' or '%1'. The '&' sign has the effect, that the following letter gets an underscore to indicate this menu point can be accessed by hitting this letter on a keyboard. So you can use this sign as well in your translation. The '%1' should not be changed or edited in any way, because this is a placeholder for a dynamic value.

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