2021-04-06: SiDiary and Tidepool

With today's update we also created an import filter for files created with Tidepool-Online. If you don't know it yet: Tidepool is a nice alternative to read out your insulin pump if you don't want to use CareLink Personal or Diasend; it's worth a look: https://www.tidepool.org/.

You can then export this data into an Excel file and import it into SiDiary with the new import filter for Tidepool-Online.
Our colleague Jörg Möller likes to use it because it makes reading out his MiniMed 640G easier than with CareLink and the import looks much tidier than with a CareLink file.

Why don't you give it a try? All you need is a free account at Tidepool and a Chrome web browser.

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