2018-12-21: SiDiary 6.2 is ready for download

With the new major update (from version 6.1.x to 6.2.x), we have added many new evaluation options, especially for statistics. It is now possible to add further data sources to the graphic type "Glucose profile" for convenient evaluation: Carbs, Basal, Bolus, Excersise. The latter shows the percentage spread of times with and without sensors as well as the frequency and duration of times with low/very low glucose values. In addition, there is a pie chart of the glucose values in the target range ("Time in Range").

The direct print/PDF in the statistics has also been extended in such a way that the pages are optimally utilised depending on the number of graphics displayed.

And last but not least, SiDiary now also handles the new export format of LibreView.
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