Device compatibility details for 'HP-iPaq 6515'

Los usuarios mostrados han confirmado que este dispositivo está soportado por SiDiary.

SiDiary user Version Comments
Fiedbert Schroeder from Hamburg SiDiary for Pocket PC Auf PPC direkt gespeichert, keine Probleme; auf SD-Karte nicht immer problemlos.
Michael Neunhöffer from Nürnberg / Deutschland SiDiary for Pocket PC
Kristofer Pettijohn from Minneapolis, MN SiDiary for Pocket PC Installed update, but program is still unusable due to the bottom portion of screen being cut off - buttons and tabs are not visible.
Jerome D Perch from USA SiDiary for Pocket PC Does not work have screen problems. the Hp Ipaq 6515 is a combo of Pda and phone.
version is mobile phone 2003 4.21. Admin Rem.: Please try our PPC- Preview (available with the Update-package!)
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